ODLL Premium

This is a full-function professional edition that leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver a truly state-of-the-art language learning solution that is becoming increasingly popular with exclusive public schools and professional colleges for its unique advantages such as two-way communication, incognito student monitoring, pairing and grouping for group discussions etc.

Teacher Console

  • Listen-in, Speak, Read & Write (LSRW)
  • Listen, Respond & Record
  • Evaluate & Monitor
  • Instructor's help required indicator (Hand raising)
  • Incognito listening-in on student module
  • Talk/assign lessons individually (two-way communication)
  • Broadcasting (talk/assign lessons to entire classroom)
  • Grouping of students / Group discussion
  • Create independent student groups
  • Assign different students to each group
  • Assign different lessons to different groups
  • Paring of students for interactive session
  • Audio chat
  • Student window minimized indicator
  • Assign lessons in batches/classes/sessions/students
  • Assign lessons to all students
  • Create lessons in Text (HTML/PDF)
  • Audio/Video Formats (Individual or Combination)
  • Supports ASF, AVI, WMV, DAT, MPG, MPEG, MP3, WAV etc.
  • Real-time lesson editing
  • Lesson re-assigning
  • Audio Recorder
  • Video Recorder
  • Text Creator/Editor

Student Console

  • Listening-in on a lesson (words/sentences)
  • Repeat lessons
  • Voice recording
  • Two-way communication with instructor
  • Participate in group discussions & interactive sessions (pairing)
  • Real time translation and recording
  • Audio chat
  • Compare/evaluate repeated passage with original
  • Self-assessment
  • Save repeated lessons on instructor module
  • Review lessons in text/audio/video formats
  • Listen and write
  • Submit the files to the instructor module for evaluation
  • Text to speech
  • Dictionary
  • Call instructor / hand rising
  • Learn any language

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