Don Bosco Manipur to implement iTell Language Lab

Don Bosco College Maram, Manipur engages with the premier digital language lab software iTell Digital Language Lab powered by Orell which is headquartered in Cochin. iTell provides umpteen scope for their aspirants for practicing and internalizing the concepts of language through their most modern language lab equipments. It also benefits in developing the chief aspects of language efficacy. Don Bosco the college hailed from Manipur which is permanently affiliated to Manipur University came to order in 2000. As the college is situated in rural territory among the primitive tribes in Manipur, the institute is committed in their zeal visionary to become great source of education and approachable to marginalized and deserving tribal youth of their nation. Within 14 years of its successful journey the college achieved milestones with its pursuit of excellence. The college was awarded A grade and the status of CPE with potential for merit.

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