G.M.L.P.S South Pallar Gets Smart with Oréll Digital Language Lab

GMLPS- South Pallar, one of the top lower primary schools located at Thirunavaya village in the Tirur block of Malappuram district, started experiencing digital language learning through the implementation of Oréll multimedia language lab.

“Complete Education Project” was the new venture initiated by the honourable MLA of Tirur legislative Assembly Mr C. Mammootty in co-operation with Keltron-India's first and the largest State electronics enterprise, with the vision of availing quality English education to students in the rural schools of Tirur constituency.

With the implementation of Orell digital language lab, students of G.M.L.P.S South Pallar, get opportunity to improve their language skills experiencing latest technology. The teachers seemed highly excited throughout training session and the language faculty of the school expressed their interest to use the high quality study materials provided along with the software to enhance the pronunciation and vocabulary of students. The variety of activities including group discussion, role play, listening and comparing, conferencing etc. helps learners to get rid of their shyness in English speaking and communication.

The LSRW teaching methodology adopted in Oréll language lab helps the learners to develop English language skills in the same way they acquired native language. Students can also evaluate their language progress through comparing their recorded speech with the original voice over. Teacher can help students develop self-learning skill through the unique features incorporated in the software. By using the language lab, teacher can give individual attention to students who shows inhibition while speaking in English. The two-way interaction feature of the language lab enables the teacher to communicate with timid students privately and to help them in overcoming their shyness to speak out and communicate properly.

Edakkulam GMLPS is a co-educational primary only Government school established in 1973 with the aim of providing education to the rural people in the Thirunavaya area and its vicinity.

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