HIT Hinges for iTell Language labs

Hindu Institute of Technology, Sonepat advances learning capabilities with the aid of iTell Digital Language lab. This technological masterpiece from Orell deploys effective learning methodologies which improves fluency of languages. Certain sophisticated unique features are designed to ensure every student to learn language with proficiency. The software is well equipped with innovative learning gadgets. The product is delighted with 1 million+ satisfied clientele relationship and benefited learners across the globe. The reputed Hindu Institute of Technology under the group of Hindu Educational institutions was established in 1994. The institute follows a patronage ideologies of Hindu Educational and Charitable Society which came into existence in 1968. It is a top recognized institution among the oldest educational societies of Northern India. The sagacious environment is an exemplar of proficiency in the field of learning. This avenue is the platform to impart competitive education in the field of engineering and industrial courses. Hindu Institute is an endeavor to grow spiritually, mentally and intellectually in a challenging ambience

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