ITell Language Lab at ACAS, Kumbakonam, TamilNadu

Annai College of Arts and Science, one of the leading colleges in Tanjavur has implemented Oréll digital language lab to empower language education of its students.
The premium version of iTell-Oréll’s state-of-the-art language lab was installed by Mr. Sujith M, Bunisess Analyst at Oréll. Following the installation, our delegate delivered training to the faculty of the college to give a clear understanding of the software and its functioning. The language lab installed at ACAS, Kumbakonam is stable, error-free and can be used by two-hundred users at a time.
Using iTell language learning software, not only the students can improve their linguistic skills, but the teachers also need not worry about unprepared sessions or the heap of assignments for grading. As the software provides instant feedback on how a student is progressing, teachers are tension-free of students’ development in learning. The user-friendly interface of the software allows both teacher and students to get involved in the learning process in a participatory atmosphere.
Annai College of Arts and Science is a college in Kovilacheri, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. This fifteen year old college is affiliated to Bharathidasan University Trichirapalli. The institute is 3500 students strong and it is already a leader among the colleges in Kumbakonam. Annai College of Arts & Science is run by a charitable trust and it lives up to the original objectives of its creation by catering to the economically challenged students hailing from rural segments of Kumbakonam.

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