Kanya Gurukul, Kurukshetra Implements Oréll Language Lab

Nowadays, we can find several programmes aimed at imparting English and digital education for girls to improve their life scopes in socio-economically marginalised communities in India and various other developing countries. Kanya Gurukul School, one of the leading girls’ institutions in Haryana has selected Oréll language laboratory to enhance the English communicative proficiency of students using digital tools.

English has been considered as an increasingly essential skill for young people across the globe to access higher-level educational opportunities and better employment. With the aim of giving high quality English communication classes to students, the school authority has opted for one plus twenty consoles of the Standard (S2) edition of iTell. Following the implementation, the technical executive from Oréll delivered a training session to the language teachers of the school to make them aware of the software functionalities and its unique features. The teachers are highly satisfied with the product and its successful functioning in language classes.

Kanya Gurukul, a residential school which runs under the “Anant Charitable Trust” was formed to provide high quality education to girls from under-served communities. The school focuses on all round development of personality of girls through education and co-curricular activities thereby making them responsible citizens. At present the students has 750 girl students from various parts from Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Jharkhand and Nepal.

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