Old Grove School welcomes iTell Digital Language Lab

Digital Language Labs have been an urgent need in universities and colleges. In spite of the high quality teaching and abundance of study aids Language Acquisition skills of the students remain the same. It is due to language acquisition being an active process w here listening and speaking skills are enhanced which are not included and taught much in school syllabi which rather focus on active and non-instinctive process of education than Language Acquisition. ITell since its origin has been entertaining language acquisition over Language Learning. The newest addition to our lengthy list of clients is Old Grove School, an ideal temple for wisdom and knowledge having the history of 130 years of enlightening minds, situated at the heart of Mussourie. Imbibing the motto of education for all the school has conquered the challenges of welcoming modern technologies without breaking the traditions of school. Installing iTell in their framework can be considered as the first step towards this magnanimous feat.

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