Orell Language Lab Implemented at Elite Effortless English, Assam

The iTell Premium 2 edition, consisting of one teacher and twelve student consoles, was installed at Elite Effortless English, Assam by Orell technical expert, Mr. Gagandeep Singh, followed by an ellaborate training session for teaching staff. The software is installed for students our who aspire to learn language in a very quick pace, certifies the language experts of the school.
English language has become a dire need to deal successfully in the globalized and competitive market and therefore, it is necessary that one should require good knowledge of English in order to do well in a professional environment. Language is potentially communicative medium capable of expressing ideas and concepts, feelings, attitudes & moods etc. iTell Digital Language Lab will aid students to improve their overall English competency across the four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. It will also help them develop their ability to use English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary with confidence and accuracy.
Elite Effortless English is an organization with rich infrastructure and highly trained and qualified team of professionals is committed towards rendering quality education to all.

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