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Oréll Language Lab Implemented at Paravannur GMLPS

Paravannur G.M.L.P School, one of the elementary schools in the Tanur block of Malappuram district has implemented Oréll digital language lab to foster English language proficiency of the students.

‘Complete Education Project’ is a new venture initiated by the honourable MLA of Tirur legislative Assembly, Mr C. Mammootty in co-operation with Keltron-India's first and the largest State electronics enterprise, aiming to improve English language fluency of students through multimedia language education.

Through the implementation of Oréll language lab, the students of Paravannur GMLPS get opportunity to improve their pronunciation skill through intensive listening practice to pick up the exact articulation of words. In addition to listening practice, students can read and understand literary materials extensively in self-paced manner to acquire effective reading skills. With the use of Oréll digital language lab in language sessions, parents need not send their children to ‘Spoken English courses’ to enhance their language skills. Oréll digital language lab is designed to develop students’ language skills in the ideal way giving listening and speaking more prominence over reading and writing skills. The exciting feature of this multimedia language lab is that it can be used to learn any language and its literature effectively without spending a lot of time and amount.

Teacher can help students to improve their writing skills through assigning exercises on composition and creative writing. Utilizing digital language lab software in the effective manner helps students to build confidence while speaking in English. Students can access the pre-stored digital learning contents, exercises and tests that can be finished at their own pace following the instructions of the teacher. Above all, teacher can use language lab in remedial classes to improve language skills of students who are weak in language acquisition.

GMLPS, Paravannur established in 1922 is a co-educational primary only school which imparts quality education to students in the rural areas Kuttippuram and Tirur in Malappuram district, Kerala.

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