Oréll Language Lab at Karukappilly Govt. UPS

Oréll digital language lab, the all-inclusive learning solution has been implemented at Karukappilly Govt. UPS, one of the government schools in Kunnathunad Taluk of Aluva education district in Ernakulam district.

As part of the Vidya Deepthi Complete Education Inspiration Project initiated by honourable MLA of Kunnathunad legislative Assembly Mr V. P. Sajeendran together with Kochi Refinery- a public crude oil refinery in Kochi, the authorities have decided to implement Oréll language lab at the school.

Oréll digital language lab is a tailor-made language learning tool that is helpful for the language teachers to create a dynamic language education atmosphere for the students. Learners while using the digital lab get motivated to the language they practise and express greater interest in the learning session. Moreover, the specifically designed learning resources provided along with software is highly beneficial for the students to practise at their own pace without seeking teacher’s help.

Unlike the traditional chalk and talk classroom setting, Oréll digital language lab offers optimal facility to nurture the listening speaking reading and writing skills of students in a very systematic manner. The self-evaluation feature integrated in the software helps the students to assess their progress in language pronunciation and correct it accordingly.

Above all, the students will get inspired to English language and literature through the wide-range of multimedia learning modules added with knowledge and fun.

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