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Oréll set up Language Laboratory for INS Dronacharya, Kochi

Oréll Talk, the innovative digital language lab solution from the house of Oréll has been installed at INS Dronacharya, Kochi.

Premium version of Oréll Talk was set up at this gunnery school by Mr. Cirin C Baby, Technical Support Executive at Oréll. What makes Oréll Talk-premium different from others is its advanced language learning features and multimedia tools. The language lab can be used by the trainees of INS to develop their language and communication skills to a great extent.

The language lab helps learners develop good listening skills and aids the process of communication. Students can listen to the correct language patterns all the time through their headsets instead of imitating other students who may be pronouncing incorrectly. The use of visual stimulus coupled with selective audio materials increases the attention span of the students. Further, this revolutionary language lab is equipped with audio recording facilities which facilitate a great mode of evaluation and feedback. By this self-evaluation of the students' performance, they can identify the areas that need to be improved or changed. Apart from this, the students can also critically analyze their own performance.

INS Dronacharya is the gunnery school of the Indian Navy. It is located in Kochi, Kerala, India. It is responsible for training 820 officers and 2100 ratings per year in small-arms, naval missiles, artillery, radar and defensive countermeasures.

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