PRPS Pilibhit Installed iTell Digital Language Lab

Orell’s signature creation iTell Digital Language Lab has enhanced the standard of English Education in clientele institutions all over India. The dedication and support before and after the installation procedures are the key factors that make the software the trusted solution for the avoiding setbacks and maintain the standard of English classroom on an international level. The software lets the teachers or the educator to have complete control over the learners and their activities. The lessons in iTell are made in such a way that the student’s attention is focused on it from beginning to the end. The lessons are categorized on the basis of the respective users and their level. Pandit Rajendra Prasad Smarak College Of Pharmacy was founded in 2019 and the college has demonstrated perennial evidence of merit and quality by achieving a respectable position among all parallel private and govt. colleges. The college becomes a remarkable pharmaceutical institution when considered its quality education, wide range of facilities and efficient faculty. Orell is optimistic to have its hands joined with PRPS Pilibhit.

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