SRLT Group of Institutions, Etawah, UP Obtains iTell Digital Language Lab

iTell Digital Language Lab is the proud product of Orell Technosystems that has been enhancing the English/foreign language skills in communication of the students from our clientele institutions. The Language Lab is state-of-the- art software that ensures the fully functioning consoles for students and teachers. They let students have the provision to record the lecture and revise it conveniently. Likely the workload of a teacher has definitely decreased considerably after the advent of Digital Language Labs. It lets the teacher supervise more than one student at once. SRLT Group of Institutions, Etawah, UP is an autonomous institution that revels at the field of pharmaceutical education. Affiliated by the board, SRLT Group of Institutions, Etawah, offers the best education and the skills required to work at par with the industry of Pharmacy in the future. The college plans to make amazing innovations in Pharmacy by imparting the best-in-class training and teaching.

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