Shifan Noor Global Academy Opted for iTell

The recent news reports suggest that Tamil Nadu has become the ‘Knowledge Hub’ of India; thanks to the farsighted endeavours taken by the educational visionaries to elevate higher education to the next level. Well, Team Oréll is pleased to announce its recent installation of iTell (IT Enabled Language Lab) at one of the top schools in Tamil Nadu, Shifan Noor Global Academy.

Standard Edition of iTell with one plus twenty consoles was installed at the college by Mr. Shajan Dinesh and Mr. Rejith N, the Technical Support Executives of Oréll on October 15, 2016. The teachers of the institution were given a training session to get familiar with the modular, functional and unique features of the software and its working in language labs.

“The teachers are very much confident that iTell can help students to enhance their communication skill through continuous listening and speech practice feature made available in the software. The comprehensive features of the instructor interface including creating lessons, allocating marks, assigning preset lessons, viewing results, graphical representation of progress etc. will be definitely helpful for the teachers to get easy with their work”, says the head of the school.

Shifan Noor Global Academy, Ramanathapuram is a school run by Shifan Educational Trust headed by a group of medical practitioners from the Shifan hospital which was already successfully run by them for more than 25 years. From the background of Shifan hospital now it blossoms with the vision of education as Shifan Noor Global Academy. The institution was established with a missionary fervor to impart quality education to the people of Ramanathapuram and its surroundings.

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