St. Agnes Autonomous to initiate iTell Language learning

St. Agnes College Autonomous, Mangalore empowers their girls through iTell Digital Language Lab System. Language acquisition is a vital component in today's world for an effective communication system. The well-focused organization appears to maintain a disciplinary functioning with the aid of iTell. It is a comprehensive language system effective in providing an interactive platform to both teachers and students. The very compact but efficient edition of iTell boosts the technological knowledge of the students by imparting quality knowledge. The very Catholic minority women's institution in midst of Mangalore imparts a holistic development to their students, promoting the social sounds and family values of society. The Agnesian strengthens the faith of life by keeping alive the founding charisma of the Apostolic Carmel. St. Agnes college came to order in 1957 and achieved the status of academic autonomy in 2007. The NAAC re- accredited institution acquired excellence by UGC and was approved by AICTE. St. Agnes was contented with the laurels abide by them.

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