Words of Appreciation from MCC

Haven’t you ever dreamt of studying in MCC or Madras Christian College, a college that is known for its academic footing and leadership building? Madras Christian College is an institution with a historical background of about 175 years of glorious educational service to nation. With its excellence in educational standing and other cultural aspects, the institution is ranked amongst the Top Ten Liberal Art and Science Colleges in India.

Getting appreciation for a learning software from such a reputed institution like Madras Christian College is always a matter of pride for organizations like Orell that works in the field of education sector. Orell Technosystems (India) Pvt. Ltd., is a dynamic IT solutions provider focused at providing excellent software solutions, mainly for institutions of learning. Orell has over 2000 clients spread across 30 countries worldwide.

If you are thinking about what is the importance of relating Orell with MCC, then the answer is quite obvious, it is our digital language lab, ODLL (Orell Digital Language Lab). The Head of the Department of English language of Madras Christian College, Dr. Felix Moses, after a deep research, states that ODLL is an excellent software tool that helps students master any language quickly and efficiently. “We are in the process of procuring ODLL for our college and would most certainly recommend the same for all institutions of learning”, he added.

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