Oréll Professional

Special Version for Engineering / Professional Colleges

The Oréll Digital Language lab software is fully indigenous, developed in house by our programmers.

We are providing some extra features in the software.

1. Group Discussion:

Students can have a group discussion on a given subject with teacher as the moderator. Students can shed their inhibitions of participating in a group discussion. Their expressions or knowledge of the given subject is heard by all the students in the group. Students gain the power of oration gradually bringing them out into the limelight.

2. Text to speech:

Students have the facility of typing a text which on demand creates the sound of the typed text.

3. Screen Capturing:

Teacher has a facility to view the student’s computer screen. This enables the teacher to physically monitor the screen of the student and correct their activities.

4. Text Chat :

Students can communicate with the teacher by sending a text messages.

5. Audio recording facility for the teacher :

Teachers can create their own lessons with sound and text. This enables the teacher to create lessons in their own sound, text can be typed or scanned and displayed on screen. Lessons to be taught for the whole year can be created and edited as per requirement.

6. Typing :

Teacher can assign the students to read a passage and type the answers for the questions provided by the teacher. Teacher can view the answers (typed material) on her screen.

7. Dictionary:

A built in dictionary is provided where in the meaning of each word their antonyms, synonyms, verbs, noun, adverbs, adjectives, similar words etc… are provided.

8. Audio Broadcast:

The teacher can broadcast instructions to all the students at the same time.

9. Contents:

Any available study material in audio, video and text can be incorporated in to the software. There is no restriction in using any single user material. We are providing complementary material from LKG to Professional Courses. Software supports ASF, AVI, WMV, DAT, MPG, MPEG, MPEG-4, DIVX, MP3, WAV etc…

10. Multi Lingual Platform:

Oréll Language Lab software can be used to learn any language depending up on the availability of the study material in different languages.

11. Video Recording:

This enables the teacher to record lessons with video display for the students.

12. Movie Telecasting:

The recorded movie can be telecasted to the students from the teacher’s system.

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